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Supply List Reminder

We have started a list of supplies that you can borrow for official domain events and for games. If you have resources to share, or you'd like to see what's available, the list is in the wiki here.

Also, remember to add your character, game, and event info to the wiki. Or I will be sad.

Beth Denton
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Interest Gauge (x-posted from Camarilla lj)

So, I have noted that the club has a vast number of graphic artist, icon makers, and generally creative people. Would anyone be interested in a cam-only game of Last Icon Maker Standing? (See ultimate_lims or christmaslims for examples of what I am talking about.)

I'd sort of envision it going this way: I host, and set the first contest. The winner of the first contest picks the theme and maybe the images for the second, and so on. Winners would get banners and bragging rights. Runners up could get banners too.

If this sounds like fun to you, let me know.

Beth Denton
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DST Out of Action


Just so you know, I need to take a week or two off to relieve burnout I'm currently struggling with. I should be back in the saddle upon my recouperation. In the meantime, please forward all concerns to your VSTs or my ADST Admin.

No, I'm not checking email either.
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IL017D will be hosting 2 games on the third weekend of August.


Friday, August 18th: 3rd Floor of the Holmes Student Center DeKalb, IL: Requiem


Are you ready for plot, plot, and more plot?  Then come to game on the 18th.  Mike is cooking up some interesting storylines for characters who want to get involved and hook into the Requiem venue.


Check in: 6:30 pm*

Game start: 7:30 pm

Game end: 11:00 pm

Rooms: 303, 304, 306

Site Fee: $1 donation (recommended)


*Mike will also be checking in PCs for the game on the 19th If you would like to be checked in early, please bring a 2nd copy of your character sheet and xp log for use on the 19th.


Saturday, August 19th: 1009 3rd Street Sterling, IL: Requiem


For those of you looking to dress in your best, come to the Invictus Grand Elysium event in Sterling.  This will be a social event celebrating the establishment of the court of DeKalb. See attached flyer for details and directions 




Due to capacity issues with this site you MUST RSVP by August 14th.  If you do not RSVP in advance you will NOT be able to play.  RSVPs will be taken first come first serve.  Once we reach capacity RSVPs will be turned down. 


Your RSVP needs to be sent to: Rachel Frye and include:


Player Name:

Cam #

PC Name:

Any titles your PC holds:


Check in: 6:00 pm

Game Start: 6:30 pm

Game end: 11:00 pm

Site Fee: $5.00 (mandatory)


If you have any questions email Rachel Frye or Alex McConachie



Rachel Frye


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DST Stuff


Make sure to check your email, I just sent out the first batch of DST Declarations and there's some heavy shit in there.

If you didn't get it, make sure you're subscribed to the main Barb City yahoogroup (managed by our DC, genial_failure).

- your friendly local DST
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IRC instructions

'lo all. I thought I'd give you a quick run down on the fine art of using IRC in the Camarilla.

If you live on campus, there are some difficulties in using IRC. I'll address them last.

First of all, everyone is responsible for being aware of the rules for Camarilla IRC use. You can find them here:

The Camarilla maintains a web engine for connecting to IRC. It can be found at however it frequently is down, so you probably should not rely on this method. When it works, the web engine can be used from computers on campus as well.

If you have a PC, the client I think most people use is mIrc. Mirc is sort of the gold standard in IRC programs and can be used indefinitely without registration. For Macs, I've tried a few different programs, and like Snak. Snak will work for thirty days without registration, which costs $29. Mostly I like Snak because it reminds me of mIRC. There may be something acceptable out there which is free though.

Either way, the server you need to set up your program to connect to is Darkmyst. The address is or Besides your characters name, you may want to pick some kind of nickname that your fellow cammies can recognize you. Most of us use some kind of nick with our real name in it, but it's up to you. (ie: shadowbeth, Mike_OOC, chris_b_ooc).

The main channel to join is #cam-ooc. You do this by typing "/join #cam-ooc" Use the /part command to leave the channel, the /me command to emote an action, the /msg (nick) command to send a private message and the /nick command to change your nickname.

Now, if you live on campus, you cannot connect to irc easily. As I said before, when the web engine works, this is your best bet. There may be a web engine that you can use somewhere else... I'll check around, and see what I can find. When the web engine is down, I use the ssh account I got from and BitchX, but this does cost a buck, and requires a little bit of technical-how-to. Drop me an IM or something if you really want me to walk you through it.

So, there's IRC in a nutshell. Let me know if you have any questions, or there's anything I can help you with.

Note: If the IRC ops ask you for something, or give you instructions, please cooperate with them. They are volunteers and nice people. IRC is considered a privilege, not a right.
Beth Denton

Awakening Planning Session

We're going to do another Awakening planning session/movie night at my place Thursday night at 9. Bring your concepts, a character sheet (email me if you need Paula Watt's awesometastic Advanced Mage Sheet), and a few movies you can share scenes from in order to help inspire.

I'll provide the entertainment center and popcorn. Y'all bring the awesome.

If you need directions to my place, ping me on AIM.

My current idea is to run the Awakening games on the Fridays before Forsaken/Requiem.
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Game Announcement for 12/3/05

I apologize for the late notice.

We will be holding our next Requiem game on the 5th floor of the
Holmes Student Center on Saturday, December 3rd.

There will be an open and optional meeting to explain the new XP
system at 5:30pm. Check-in will start at 6:15pm. Game will run from

There will not be a Forsaken game this month.

Rooms will open at 3:30pm and be available for people to hold clan and
covenant meetings or other soft-RP before game begins.

Alex McConachie
CC of Barb City, IL-017-I
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Game Schedules

The next Requiem game is currently scheduled for Friday, November 18th.

The last scheduled games of the semester are Forsaken and Requiem on Saturday, December 3rd, Yes, that is the week before finals.

So, I am taking a survey on several things.

1) Is having the next game on Friday a problem for anyone? There was some confusion over the date, so let me know.

2) Mage players, we need to schedule soft-RP sessions. They can be 2-5 hours each and fairly informal.

3) Do people want to hold a game the weekend before finals? Should we schedule games over the winter break?

4) The important one: What schedule do you want for the spring semester?

Some things to take into account.

The Chicago game plays Forsaken and Requiem in Naperville on the second Saturday, plays Mage and Mortals in Chicago on the third Saturday, and, plays Forsaken and Requiem in Park Forest on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Most other chapters in the area, for instance, Kenosha and Bloomington, have games on the first Saturday of the month. Some also have games on Fridays. Bloomington is pretty darn close.

We will be adding a Mage venue.

One schedule would for the first weekend of every month to be Mage on Friday, Forsaken and Requiem on Saturday and then Requiem on the 3rd Friday. A slightly modified version would have Mage on the second or fourth Friday or the fourth Saturday.

We could also consider having our big weekend on the 4th Saturday of the month, since Park Forest is far away, and the extra Requiem game on the 2nd Saturday. This would mean that people could go to some of the other games in the area, out-of-towners could come to DeKalb on Friday and go to Naperville on Saturday, and Chicago people could still come out on Fridays.

Someone else may have better ideas. Post your ideas here or let me know: genialfailure at gmail dot com.

Thank you.

Alex McConachie
CC of Barb City, IL-017-I